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Our Kilt Outfits to Buy Range

Looking to buy your own Kilt Outfit? We have a range of modern and traditional outfit styles suitable for a variety of occasions. We pride ourselves in supplying full Kilt Outfits with products and materials which are sourced and made in Scotland. Our outfits include a dress or semi dress leather sporran locally sourced and hand made in Perthshire.

You can choose from our pre-configured outfits below, and coming soon you will be able to create your own custom outfit. In the meantime if you would like to enquire about a custom outfit please see our contact us page and get in touch. We will be happy to help you find the perfect outfit to suit your requirements.

Kilt outfits – A Little History

The tradition of wearing Kilt outfits in Scotland dates back to the sixteenth century when men called the highlanders, from northern Scotland, wore full length garments.

The Kilt outfit is deeply rooted in Scottish culture and has stood for honour and a sacred symbol of patriotism. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Kilt outfits became a form of ceremonial dress. They are often worn as formal wear for weddings, sporting events and during holiday celebrations.

What's Included in our Packages

NOTE: Shirt and Tie not included.

An 8 yard made to measure kilt, in 100% worsted wool and available from a variety of Tartan Ranges.

Special Deal Tartans
  • Special Deal tartan – 16oz Heavy Weight – (if available) at no extra cost
Kilt Co. Exclusive Tartans
  • Kilt Co. Exclusive Range (+£95)
Medium Weight Tartans
  • Braeriach Range (+£50)
  • Bute Range (+£50)
  • Clan MW Range (+£50)
  • District Range (+£50)
  • Irish County Range (+£50)
  • Hebridean Range (+£95)
  • Old & Rare Range (+£95)
Heavy Weight Tartans
  • Clan HW Range (+£75)
  • Nevis Range (+£75)
  • Regimental Range (+£75)
  • Strome Range (+£75)
A quality jacket with matching waistcoat.
Choose from one of our semi dress sporrans at no additional cost or a full dress sporran for an additional £60.
Sgian Dubh
Glenurquhart Daywear Sgian Dubh available in a range of colours (RSD6).
Kilt Pin
Economy Knotted Sword Kilt Pin (KP8).
A pair of black leather ghillie brogues.
A pair of kilt hose available in a range of colours.
A pair of sock flashes to match your kilt.


Above 48″ is non standard size, can be made to measure.

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Helpful Videos

Watch Our Kilt Outfit Video Guides

Watch one of our helpful videos below to learn how to provide us with accurate measurements and how to properly wear your outfit once received.

Measuring for Your Kilt Outfit

How to Wear Your Kilt Outfit

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Showing all 15 results