Light Grey Arrochar Tweed Outfit

This Light Grey Arrochar Tweed Outfit is smart, sophisticated and stylish, with everything you need to help create the perfect outfit. The jacket is a Light Grey Arrochar tweed with a 5 button waistcoat.

This Package Includes:

An 8 yard made to measure kilt, in 100% worsted wool and available in up to 3 options per tartan.
  • Special deal tartan (if available) at no extra cost
  • Medium weight cloth for an additional £25
  • Heavy weight cloth for an additional £50
Light Grey Arrochar Tweed Jacket & Waistcoat
A choice of formal shirt in white.
Choose from one of our semi dress sporrans at no additional cost or a full dress sporran for an additional £60.
Sgian Dubh
A replica sgian dubh.
Kilt Pin
A polished chrome celtic cross kilt pin.
A pair of black leather ghillie brogues.
A pair of kilt hose available in a range of colours.
A pair of sock flashes to match your kilt.