How to Wear Highland Dress

Guidelines to Wearing Highland Dress

Many people wearing Highland Dress for the first time are often unsure of the correct procedures when dressing. The following notes and illustrations are based on questions we are repeatedly asked by our customers and have put together to ensure you are wearing your outfit correctly and therefore… Looking your best in Highland Dress.

Helpful Hints: The easiest order in which to dress is to start with the socks, shoes, flashes and sgian dubh. Once you are correct below the knee, put on your shirt and tie, followed by the kilt, sporran and chain. The belt (if appropriate) comes next, with the waistcoat (if appropriate), finally being completed by the jacket to finish the outfit.

We have created our guide in a few formats, pick what suits you best from the following:

  • A You Tube video that demonstrates how to put on a Highland Outfit
  • Our Hot Spot images allow you to click on the numbered spots to see instructions for that item


The bow tie is normally worn with the Prince Charlie outfit with the most appropriate style of shirt being the wing collar.
(Note: There is no shirt supplied with any of our outfits.)
For those wearing the Day/Evening outfit, the silver/grey wedding tie and normal collar shirt are recommended.


This should be centred to the front apron of the kilt, with the chainstrap fed through the loops at the back of the kilt.
When worn with the Argyll outfit, should sit approximately 3-4 fingers width below the belt.
In the case of the Prince Charlie outfit, no belt is worn due to the fact that the waistcoat is there instead and the sporran should sit a couple of inches below the points of the jacket.

Kilt Pin

This should be pinned through the front apron of the kilt only, and simply serves as a decoration.
On no account should two aprons of the kilt be pinned together as this can result in ripping the cloth of the kilt.


This is worn with the pleats to the back, and should sit well up on the body – approximately 2″ above the waist.
The bottom of the kilt should rest at the middle tie of the knee cap; touching the ground if kneeling (this is the old fashioned regiment method)
Our kilts have double sets of straps and buckles for added adjustability and either set can be used, dependant on what suits and individual best.


Worn to the outside of the leg, directly above the sock the turnover down, covering approximately half the double loop.


These should not be pulled up right to the knee, but should sit approximately 2-3 finger widths below the bottom of the knee cap.

Ghillie Brogues

Should be laced up as follows and as per diagram: (NOTE: Need a diagram/picture or series showing steps.)
Start off in the usual manner by crossing the two laces and pulling tight
Holding this foundation, twist the laces three times and pull tight (this will produce a vertical thong of approximately 1″)
Cross the laces around the back of the ankle, bringing both laces back to the front
Tie in a normal bow, to the outside of the ankles, leaving remaining lace and toggle to dangle

Dear Customer great care has been taken in the preparation of your outfit to ensure everything is perfect for your big occasion. Please try everything on at your earliest opportunity to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the fit and condition of your hired or purchased goods.

Should you require any further help, please call us at the most convenient store and ask for the Hire or Sales department. We will only be too happy to answer and questions you may have.

We hope you enjoy wearing your Highland Outfit and would like to thank you for your custom, both on this occasion and for any future functions.