Kilts to Buy

Our Kilt to Buy Range

Looking to purchase your own kilt for that special occasion? We offer one of the largest selections of tartans in Scotland for both men and children.

Our Kilts to Buy come in 4 material lengths, ranging from 5-8 yards and 3 tartan weights. The longer the material length the more pleats, or folds, are added to the kilt. All of our kilts are hand stitched by our own Sottish kilt makers and made from 100% wool.

Kilts – A Little History

Over the years the way in which kilts are made and the length of the kilt has changed. Kilts were originally hand coloured in dull brown, green, white or black unlike the multi-coloured plaids and tartan styles worn and recognised in this modern time. This style came about as dying and weaving techniques improved.

It was in the 1800s when tartan patterns were developed and then became native to Scotland using tartan cloth. Tartan patterns became a way of being recognised for a certain design, as patterns of a specific nature would identify your country of origin, family, clan or region. It wasn't until the 19th century that Highland outfits became a form of ceremonial dress, worn as formal wear for weddings, sporting events and during holiday celebrations.