Sporran Chain 4


Long link chrome finish sporran chain.

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Victorian long link sporran chain in chrome finish, the chrome finish is a bright contemporary look which most highland accessories and outfits adopt.

The sporran chain is one of the most understated components to your kilt outfit as it showcases the most striking accessory of all, your sporran. The sporran chain has two simplex dog clips which attach to two metal d rings on the back of your sporran. It is a common mistake to remove this leather feature from the stitching and have the chain running through the leather latch. Although, this may help with your chain fitting better it can cause damage to the leather latch and in future can cause the leather to split making the sporran unwearable.

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30" Waist – Euro 46 – 76cm, 32" Waist – Euro 48 – 81cm, 34" Waist – Euro 50 – 86cm, 36" Waist – Euro 52 – 91cm, 38" Waist – Euro 54 – 96cm, 40" Waist – Euro 56 – 102cm, 42" Waist – Euro 58 – 107cm, 44" Waist – Euro 60 – 112cm, 46" Waist – Euro 62 – 117cm