Flat Style Tartan Face Mask


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Please note: Our face masks are made to order and may require up to 2 weeks to fulfill any orders.

Our Flat Style Face Masks are more compact and suitable for ceremonies.

Our masks are unisex & hand made with the upmost care and attention. We use 100% cotton fabric and other materials of mixed fibres. Our lining has a protective coating to help resist outside pollutants.

We have tweaked and perfected our mask design based on previous customer feedback. We now have two choices of fit for you to pick from.

Our masks have elastic straps fitting comfortably around the back of your head or, you can have the ear loop elastic design.

Our masks are machine washable or (40C) or hand wash (Do not tumble dry) breathable & reusable.

Our masks are not medical grade and we make no medical claims; however, they will provide you with an additional barrier helping to keep pollutants and germs from entering your nose & mouth.

We recommend you wash your mask before first use and after every wear for the best protection. 

Additional information

Mask Fit Design

Back of Head, Ear loops


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