Kilts For Sale

The Kilt Company has a wide range of kilts for sale ranging from 5 to 8 yards and a wide range of tartans to choice from. All our kilts are hand made by skilled kilt makers using only the best materials.The Kilt Company also offer kilt hire for a special event or occasion. Kilt hires can vary in price so contact us today for more information. The prices can reflect the length of time you need it for and the kilt package required.

About Kilts

A traditional kilt is a skirt worn by men or boys. It originated from Scotland and was the usual dress attire for men and boys. The more traditional Scottish kilts are pleated in the back and flat in the front. You can also wear a pouch in the front called a “sporran“. Other accessories you can wear are: a belt with an embossed buckle, a decorative kilt pin (used to keep from falling down) and sgian dubh knife in the socks.

It is worn in Scotland for formal occasions and fashionable informal male attire. It is worn by bag pipers, ceremonial dress; or by the military. You can often wear them with a pair of boots or moccasins and a white t shirt or golf shirt for a more casual look.

The traditional tartan kilt is made out of wool or twill wool. They can be made out of heavy wool for cooler months to more lighter wool for hotter months or for more active lifestyles. It always has a selvedge. If not it wouldn’t fall correctly on the persons’ body. Most kilts use an average of eight yards of fabric and if the person is on the larger size and extra yard of fabric will be needed. They are always made of a horizontal or vertical pattern. There can be two different types of pleats. One is the box pleat which the fold is bulkier and the knife pleat the fold is less bulkier and they overlap on a seam.